Major parts of a computer

Major Parts of a Computer

In today’s world almost everything consists of a computer, from cars to cell phones, almost every electronic uses some similar parts to a computer. All personal computers use a system of unit which means that all personal computers are alike in some kind of internally way. Any average person who doesn't know a lot about computers thinks that they are hard to understand and that they are complicated. Do not get me wrong, computers are an intricate piece of equipment but are understandable. The more familiar a person becomes with them the less complicated system units, motherboards, processers, and memory units of a computer are and the more someone knows about computers the better a person can come to understand them.

The system unit of a personal computer is the big rectangle box or “tower” of a person’s computer that holds all the working parts of the computer and is usually made of plastic, steel, and aluminum. This system unit holds the mother board to someone’s computer, someone’s processing unit or C.P.U. , Disk drive, R.A.M. , it also holds the U.S.B. ports, a floppy disk drive if applicable, and it holds the power button which gives your computer to turn on and run. Without the system unit your computer would be plainly just a key board and a blank screen, a system unit makes the computer capabilities possible (Microsoft). If the computer just had all the internal parts out in the open nothing would protect the parts and more times than none the parts would get damaged easily. That hard plastic box protects the internal parts from dust and in case someone accidently drops the tower if you are moving it. Compared to a laptop the tower or desk-top type computers make it much easier to...

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