Major current issues in IT security

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Computer technology is the most frequented topic in today’s news headlines. From e-tablets and smartphones, to internet-connected home appliances and robots, this technology has taken over our daily lives to an extent that we cannot live without them anymore.
Same with all technology advancements comes other issues, which are mainly related to the security aspect of these devices and how much they do when it comes to protecting our privacy. Particularly, the Internet-connected computer devices.
Internet in its design, was created for enabling the establishment of links between different computer machines for the purpose of exchanging information simply without complications, but it was built without much focus on security and privacy implications. Nowadays, most of these vulnerabilities seems to be patched, but some still remain till today. Those issues are “Malware” viruses, network hackers and operating system exploits.

Everybody has experienced some type of unexplainable computer slowdowns, unexpected random shutdowns and software running by itself without the computer user’s run command. These are all caused by viruses, particularly the “Malware” type of viruses. These type of viruses are created by hackers to steal the computer user’s website or corporate credentials and other sensitive information like credit card number, passwords, etc and personal information like private chats and photos, accessing your webcam live feed, etc. These viruses often avoid detection from antiviruses by blending into legitimate windows processes and programs. They can be removed using malware remover tools or manually by experienced computer analysts. They can be avoided altogether by scanning email attachments before downloading them, avoi...

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...knesses from the own OS manufacturers as a result of bad programming or coding mistakes. These exploits have caused a headache for major corporations and government entities as a hacker from anywhere in the world can compromise a whole computer and have access to every software part of it, then decide whether to install a Trojan in it for spying or just irrecoverably destroy all data that it contains. Big OS manufacturers like Microsoft or Apple release updates and patches almost at the rate of twice a month of which these exploits are uncovered.

With this unfortunate reality of computers security, comes the job of IT Security Experts, who work tirelessly day and night to insure our safety from the preying eyes. In the end, always take necessary precautions to protect your private information as it is all about using logic and common sense.

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