Major Themes In Barbara Harlow's Exploration Of Resistance Literature

Barbara Harlow’s Resistance literature is to become engaged in the promise of an exciting journey through literary territory that few American literary critics have charted. Harlow draws us into the world of literature as political allegory with the warning that the exploration will challenge what is known about the ways in which we have access literature. Harlow counsels that the exploration of resistance literature , "like the resistance and national liberation movements which it reflects and in which it can be said to participate ,not only demands recognition of its independent status and existence as literary production, but as such also presents a challenge to the codes and canons of both the theory and practice of literature.

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During the depression time in 1930 , black were highly persecuted and repressed from society that Black could not mingle with white people in public people as shown in the courthouse which white separated from black. Moreover , there was no such intermarriage between white and black and it was rarely to happen. Scout had a long conversation with Mr.Raymond , a white man who married a white lady. Mr Raymond denoted that he pretended to drink wine while he was drinking coca-cola inorder to let the citizen gave him an excuse for marrying such a black woman. Scout asked her black nanny calpornia to visit her because she missed her , calpornia agreed but it did not done because scout’s aunt Alexandra put a stop to it. Tom robinson who accused of rapping white lady that condemned as a guilty because he was such a black guy and the American judgment gave a false allegation because the offender was a black one .Atticus defended him and tried to prove tom was a victim of satanic thinking of bob ewell’s family but he lost the trial and tom also…show more content…
There were a minority in Maycomb city who believed in racial equality including scout and jem. Although atticus lost the trial but he tried to make his children understood that he helped for a movement for ending racism in maycomb city .

Moreover, gender role is shown obviously in to Kill a Mockingbird .
Atticus was a lawyer who defended a black guy tom Robison , so he received a lot of criticism against maycomb’s citizen .scout’s classmate Jacob insulted her father because he was a “nigger lover” .
Jacob declared “‘Scout Finch’s daddy defends niggers'" (Lee 75).

scout fought with him that she was acting like a boy in manner and any lady at that time should take the insult without paying any attention to the boy because she was considered lower than boys .Another example for gender role when scout was playing a game with her brother jem and her cousin dill that she imitated the actions of boo radely. Jem and dill warned her for imitating these dangerous actions because these actions were not fit for girls.
Women were considered as a lower class and had no value on society. There was also another example in the trial when the victim mayella started weeping and crying because tom Robison rapped her
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