Major Decision

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Choosing a major to start college can be a daunting task. By letting the parents of the students or anybody else dictate what a student’s major should be is not a good idea. It's good to get advice from as many people as possible, but when push comes to shove, it is the students life, not theirs.
Choosing a college for the major of choice can also factor into choosing a major. Earning a degree that's going to have value in the job market, it's important to make sure that the college or university attending is accredited. Choosing a college major represents an intellectual investment. Spending the next few years focusing intensely on whatever the chosen major is but years can feel like millennia if you’ve chosen a major you’re only lukewarm about. Try a self-discovery activities. Some activities are designed to get students to discover who they are, identify what they like to do, and decide the kind of life style they want to have. What are the academic goals? Look through the transcripts and see what the highest grades received can be a factor in choosing a major. Explore w...
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