Major Barriers of Implementing Green Management and ISO in Business Sector of Hong Kong

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Major Barriers of Implementing Green Management and ISO in Business Sector of Hong Kong

To achieve and maintain competitive advantage firms need to be

appropriately positioned with their industry. “Going Green” becomes an

important issue for business to ensure its marketing position and a

source of competitive advantage.

An environmental management system (EMS) is based on the concept of

continuous improvement in all aspects of the firm’s environmental

performance. ISO 14000, which was introduced in September 1996,

specifies the requirements for an EMS and it applies to those

environmental aspects over which the firm either has control or could

be expected to have an influence. ISO 14000 is the international

standard that reflects a new and better understanding of the

expectations of environmental management. ISO 14000 is, therefore,

built on total quality management concepts, in particular it follows

the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Even ISO 14000 does not specify absolute

requirements for firms but the specifications are based on the

traditional management principles. In particular commitment from all

levels of the organization to environmental sustainability and

management is essential. But, to commit the principles underpinning

ISO 14000, Policy, Planning, Implementation and Operation, Checking

and corrective action and Management Review and Continual Improvement,

there have a number of issues Hong Kong Business especially SMEs to

overcome the barriers of ISO 14000 or encouraging business


Lack of financial support is one of the big problems to implement ISO

14000. The cost of t...

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..., carbon taxes, etc. can be

considered to provide fund for these financial incentives. And

Government will have green purchasing policy to promote the green

industry, we will bulk purchase of environmental-friendly products and

stationery. A regular Expo will provide to promote green technology

and the recycling trade. More, Environmental education and awareness

is the key of environmental conservation and protection. Then,

Government will introduce the waste avoidance, minimization, reuse and

recycling widely in all education levels, which then increase the

public demand of consumers of green products.

From these actions, we know that companies will more interested to

think and to implement the green business to improve their benefit,

together with the health and livelihood of residents and workers in

Hong Kong.
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