Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

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Maria grew up in a small town in Ohio as an only child. She was always energetic from the time she was born and a little moody at times. Her parents thought it was normal because their son would have an attitude at times too. It was when she graduated college and started her first career. As top chief at a new restaurant in town, she was stressed to the max dealing with a full staff and managers who like telling her what she should do. At the time, she was also dealing with a messy breakup from her fiancé of 9 months. After about 4 months of this constant stress Maria decided she was going to take a week off and let her staff run the restaurant. However, she did not show to work after her week off and no one had heard from her in four days. One of her close friends went to her house to check on her and noticed she had not moved from the bed it what seemed a couple days. Her friend convinced her to come to work and it would cheer her up. However, after about a month of not feeling normal she had this bright idea to move to Morocco and open her own restaurant.

The next day she cleaned her bank account and bought a ticket to Morocco. However before she could fly over her friends from the restaurant convinced her to stay one more day so they could say goodbye. However, instead they took her to see a clinical psychologist who focused on mood disorders, especially Bipolar Disorder. The therapist found out from her that her Aunt (biological mother’s sister) had moments where she had fun extreme ideas when Maria was about 12 years old and they would go out and just do whatever idea her Aunt came up with. As well, her Aunts daughter showed signs of having manic episodes that mimicked her own behavior. The therap...

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