Maintaining the American Lifestyle

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The American lifestyle is a difficult obsession to maintain, our focus and need for material items is very stressful on the government. The government has to do a lot of lying and exaggerating to keep the American standard of living attainable. People do not realize that a lot of their material items (i.e. oil) come from overseas. The way American officials choose to obtain this oil is through military force and strong attempts to control the world. When citizens see the country this way they get upset; no one likes the idea of murdering innocent people just to drive to work in the morning. Instead, the administration creates a long string of lies to keep people oblivious and happy. They use events such as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor to explain warfare. In Bacevich’s essay, “The Real World War IV,” he shows how these wars begin far before the citizens are aware. Gilbert, in “Immune to Reality,” demonstrates that an explanation for a war puts the mind at ease, “but the cost is that it makes us strangers to ourselves” (Gilbert 216). Controlling the people is the only way for the government to continue its way of life. They claim to be fighting for America’s protection, but it seems to be more for superiority amongst other nations. Susan Faludi describes a similar hierarchy administration in “The Naked Citadel.” She studied the young men attending school at The Citadel in hopes to find out why men have so much anger towards women. The Citadel has been an all boy school since 1882, and none of the administrators want to let their tradition go. They claim to be modeling men, but in reality, they are creating war-happy-women-haters. There is much more violence among students at The Citadel compared to other colleges. In attempt to cover-up th... ... middle of paper ... ...ol. The Citadel and the American government act on their own interests. The government is looking to dominate the world with military force, and The Citadel is trying to create a new generation of war-loving men. This nation and the cadets are being affected greatly by the “War on Terror.” If the cadets are cruel and dreadful now, imagine how they are going to be when this war goes on for another five years and becomes even more unpopular? On a small scale, The Citadel needs to give the students a break. There is no way anyone can be happy living the lifestyle they do. What is the point of creating “Whole” men when they are miserable, and all they do is make everyone else miserable? On a national degree our government needs to act more on the ideals, and less on personal interests. Faludi, Bacevich, and Gilbert conclude together that lying can only last for so long.
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