Maintaining Audience's Interest in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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Maintaining Audience's Interest in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

There are many ways in which Arthur Miller Captures and maintains the

audience's interest in his 20th Century play, The Crucible. Right from

the start of the play Arthur Miller uses Dramatic devices such as

curiosity to capture the audience's interest. He maintains the

audience's interest right throughout the text by using themes, which

are still relevant today. He also uses the storyline to maintain the

audience's interest. Arthur Miller uses the language in a very

attention-grabbing way, as I have found that his description/portrayal

of characters and when he directly addresses the audience also helps

to maintain the audience's interest.

Arthur Miller wrote 'The Crucible' because he felt that McCarthyism,

(the hunting down of communists in his time) was wrong, just like the

witch-hunt trails in Salem in 1692. The play is based on the Salem

witch trails but it links the ideas how McCarthy was unjust to

communists because McCarthyists thought that foreigners were

communists and the people of old Salembelieved that people of a

noon-Christian upbringing practised witchcraft. They thought that

these people worshiped the devil and imprisoned or killed. I think

that Miller used the Salem witch trails as a parable to write about

McCarthyism in his present time in 1950-54. He felt that McCarthyism

was unjust and did not give foreigners or communists a chance. During

this period people accused others of being others of being communists

to get out of trouble themselves, this is also mirrored in the play.

This is still relevant today, as we are taught not to believe rumours

and what they can lead to. This also helps to keeps the audience


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...dy had captured the audience's attention before anything

starts and this is what he does at the start of every act. This

further helps to increase the effectiveness of Miller's Play.

I think that Miller succeeds in engaging the audience throughout the

play. This is because The Crucible contains dramatic devices that keep

the audience hooked to the play. Miller also used preoccupation that

are still relevant and that will still be relevant and engaging in the

future. Miller uses a range of dramatic devices in The Crucible that

combine to engage the audience. These include the shocking events in

the storyline, his fascinating portrayal of characters, especially Jon

Proctor and his effective use of language. We watch in horror as

events unfold and we admire proctor's integrity and accept the warning

that such witch hunts happened and can still happen today.

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