Mainstream Masculinity's Negative Effects On Men

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Men are taught to be apathetic at a young age; don’t be a sissy, boys don’t cry, and man up are rules that are deeply embedded in men’s minds as they are acknowledged as “masculine”. Mainstream masculinity promotes domination, and power abuse which affect isn’t solely on those who are being dominated against, as men are perhaps the first victims to such toxic thinking. Mainstream masculinity breeds toxic masculinity which boosts violence against women, LGBT people, and those who are “less” powerful, so are men the problem? No, patriarchy is; the system that sets these rules and regulations. In this paper, I will discuss masculinity’s negative affect on men, and how feminist masculinity can free them.
Bell Hooks “Feminism is For Everybody”
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They get called homophobic slurs such as faggot, they would be the center of jokes, and they would lose friendships. Kimmel sheds light on the issue “Guys know they would risk everything- their friendships, their sense of self, maybe even their lives-if they fail to conform” (614). As a woman, it sounds ridiculous to me that I would lose my self-esteem if girls don’t like me, however, it’s not astonishing that men feel this way as patriarchy teaches them that’s all their worth. Toxic masculinity affect other men as white, rich, heterosexual men dominate men of other races, class, and sexuality which leads to issues of unemployment, and injustice. Many homophobic men are gay themselves, however they are self-hating as society tells them it’s shameful to be gay, others are afraid of losing their power, so they try to act as “manly” as possible. Yes, men benefit from patriarchy’s privilege, however they have fallen as victims. Insecurity, self-hate, confusion, and shame are all products of masculinity, so how should men act? What would make them “masculine”? Hooks gives us an alternative to mainstream masculinity” what is and what was needed is a vision of masculinity where self-esteem and self-love of one’s unique being forms the basis of identity (70). Hooks goes on further to explain how to embrace feminist masculinity” Boys need healthy self-esteem. They need love. And a wise and loving feminist politics can provide the only foundation to save the lives of male children (70). Feminist masculinity enables self-love, and confidence in men which leads to success, and happiness. If patriarchy was indeed the solution, then why are most crimes and act of violence committed by men? Patriarchy teaches men that anger is the only emotion that is accepted by them which have resulted in devastating outcomes in society. Self-love leads to a healthy formation of one’s identity, men wouldn’t feel “threatened” by other men or feel
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