Main Theme Of Medea

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Medea The most obvious theme from Euripedes play Medea is that a woman scorned. Medea was happily married to her husband Jason while they raise their sons in Corinth. However Jason left Medea married the Princess, daughter of King Creon. To say this upset Medea would be a vast understatement. Medea’s true love abandon her and her sons. Medea knows that Jason no longer loves her and also believes he no longer loves his sons. This true love that she had for her husband now turns to hate. Jason gives her reasons for his actions but they certainly do not qualify as legitimate excuses. She tells Jason that he should have brought up his criticisms of her while they were still married. This is certainly something I have been through and how many others that have been in the same situation. This will turn out to be that enemy of lack of communication. Medea’s feeling of abandonment begins to grow and turns into hatred. This hatred calls for retribution on the husband that hurt her and her children so bad. Medea threatens Jason and his new bride and earns the wrath of Creon, the King. She makes excuses for her actions and begs the Cape to let her son stay in Corinth for one more day. And certainly we all make excuses in our life when we do things that are mean or even filled with hate.…show more content…
After losing somebody close to me to a friend I too was filled with hatred and thoughts of revenge. Please crew over a period of time but finally died out. These thoughts are actually silly now when I look back on. However these feelings in Medea continue to grow. Soon Medea’s actual plans were to kill Jason, his bride and even her own sons. Her plans even evolve to include Aegus, a king who is having problems fathering children. Medea soon includes the unknowing king in her plans. This is something we all do also when we scheme and plan on retribution. Our involvement though often times help drag others down with
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