Main Effects Of Interfamilial Abuse

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When a child has been the victim of interfamilial abuse you will see in their behavior. A child that was once fun loving and outgoing, can become isolative and withdrawn. They can also begin having issues with their self perception. Their personal hygiene can decrease, there sense of fashion can shift to oversize and loose fitting attire When children become fearful or the dark, or begin to have and increase the number of nightmares, that could serve as s sign of abuse. Many times abuse take place in the late night, early morning hours, when most of the family is asleep. If the inappropriate interaction becomes unwanted, and forced, the victim could have bruises from where they attempted to resist and/or defend them self. Other symptoms…show more content…
Sexual abuse disrupts every aspect of their life, and can have lasting effects on their adult life. One of the main effects are continuing the cycle of abuse against family members. As discussed in this paper incestuous and interfamilial abuse include forcible sexual acts with minors. The sexual contact can occur between an adult and child, or amongst children, regardless if the minor consents or not. If minors have sexual contact with someone who is significantly younger it is seen as abusive because there is a big age gap, the victim is small in stature, which results in the victim not being able to give true consent. With information presented in the paper one can conclude that family dynamics play an important role in sexual abuse. Family members ' interactions with one another is essential is a person 's social development. Dysfunctional families have a tendency to foster abusers. With unstable families, there is a lack of supervision, and perpetrators can easily go undetected when preying on others in the home. They present themselves as a friend, confidant, and their biggest supporter. When assisting a family that has been affected by this type of abuse, one must understand the specific needs of the family, utilizing the family systems theory can provide insight into the issues of the family, which can assist in the family 's recovery
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