Main Characters In Abner Snopes's Barn Burning

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Reading the story “Barn Burning” has not only given me another reason to just do another typical assignment, it has also shown how all the events that occurred can happen at any time to a regular civilian. A main character in the story would be Abner Snopes who has the characteristic of a cold hearted individual. He has let the fact of his poor conditions lead him on to make disastrous decisions. Mr. Snopes has been described in the story as a mercenary who fought in the Civil War. While being in service during this time period, he stole horses used during the war and would sell them to someone who would bid the highest. He was also shot in the leg during these years and has an injury due to this incident. Abner too hid in the woods during…show more content…
He sat along the edge of a lonely hill just remembering the good moments he got to spend with his father. Sarty had many deep thoughts and recalled on how brave his father was because he had served in the Civil War. Although Sarty never knew about his father just being a mercenary in the war, he still thought his father was courageous. As Sarty sat on the hill and was in deep heartache, he turned his back towards what he called “home” for four days and wondered towards the dark woods. Sarty walks toward the woods and can only hope to become the brave man he thought his father once was. Although Sarty knew his father had something coming towards him, as in most likely getting wiped out. Sarty would also agree with the fact that his father should not have put him in a situation as in the one he was placed in. Abner did not have the characteristic of a good father, rather than that of a harsh father who runs his family with physical and phycological violence. A person would think of a father teaching his kids the difference between right and wrong and teach them to not lie. A father would also correct his children in a mannered way and not with physical
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