Main Causes of Divorce

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People in America are determined to get married and live together. Married couples want to share everything and depend on each other. However, fifty percent of these couples cannot seem to fulfill their marriage vows. As a result, they choose to get a divorce. Divorce is very easy to do nowadays unlike the past. Statistics show that the four main causes of divorce are: financial difficulty, women are more independent, infidelity, and couples are getting married at a young age.

The number one cause for divorce is financial difficulty, before a couple enters a marriage they have their own bills and spending habits, they do not need to consult anyone about their money. They want to be able to spend as they please, like when they were single. However, when a couple enters a marriage the couple has to merge their finances. Unfortunately, this causes problems for most couples because now the couple must consult each other before making a purchase. If there is a child involved then there is usually a budget and that can cause major problems in the marriage, which will then lead to divorce.

The second cause for divorce is that women are more independent. Women do not have to rely on men like in the past. Women now have rights therefore; women can have just about any job they would like. That does not go well with a lot of men. Especially if the woman is making more money than the man. A Man feels since that is his wife he should be the one to provide for her and the children. It seems to hurt the male ego if they are not the head of household. Unfortunately, women do not feel that they should only be homemakers anymore. Women want to feel a sense of independence and accomplishment. Working women now expect the me...

... middle of paper ... being abused either verbally or physically, they will be able to be free of that situation. In addition, if there is depression, constant fighting, or no communication this could have a mental effect on a person, if that is the case then divorce is the best solution. Divorce can make a person feel happy again if they were that miserable in the marriage. Another positive thing in divorce is that there is a sense of freedom and independence, like they have been given a second chance.

In the end, there are many valid reasons to get a divorce. However, three out of the four reasons for divorce can be worked on. Unfortunately, since it is much easier to get a divorce than to deal with the problems, couples chose to end their marriage. And that is why the divorce rate is at its peak.

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