Main Causes Of The Cold War

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The most debilitating intentional force to America’s economy in the 20th Century was the Cold War. The Cold War was a political war that was fought between the United States and the Soviet Union that was really Capitalism v. Communism. Both nations wanted to spread their political ideology across the globe and both succeeded in their own way until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. It was the largest military build up the world has ever seen. As Journalist David Remnick put it, “The Cold War was wildly expensive and consumed the entire globe.” There was never directed fighting between the Soviet Union and the United States, but there were wars against communism developed in Korea and Vietnam by the U.S., along with various undercover…show more content…
Truman taking office to Winston Churchill’s famous “Sinews of Peace” speech that coined the term the “Iron Curtain” which was the division between the East and West, or Capitalism v. Communism. There are three main views for the cause, traditionalist, revisionist, and post-revisionist. Traditionalists believe the Joseph Stalin or the Soviet Union are the main cause of the Cold War. Revisionists believe that the United States is the main cause and there are two levels of revisionists. Level one revisionists deal with the importance of individuals and the point where Harry S. Truman took office after Franklin Roosevelt’s death. Level two revisionists deal with the nature of US capitalism and how that contributed to the beginning of the war. (Nye/Welch 144-145) The traditionalist view that the Soviet Union Leader Joseph Stalin caused the Cold War. There are arguments for an against this claim. Against this claim is the revisionist’s statement that, “The Soviets were much weaker than the United States, which was strengthened by the war and had nuclear weapons while the Soviets did not. The Soviet Union lost up to 30 million people, and industrial production was only half its 1939 level.” Even Stalin told the American Ambassador Averell Harriman that “the Soviets would turn inward to repair their domestic damage.” (Nye/Welch…show more content…
Intelligence resembled speeches made by Adolf Hitler, which was perceived as a threat. Stalin stated, “Capitalism was the cause of wars, including World War II. The war served as a test, passed successfully, of the Soviet social system, the Soviet treatment of nationalities, and the red army. The rapid expansion in this period was due to the Soviet method of industrialization (giving priority to heavy industry over light) and to collectivization of agriculture. The Communist Party, successful in organizing war production, now was setting in motion a fourth Five-Year Plan, aiming to increase goods available for consumption, develop science, and foster expansion of heavy industry as a means to national security.” (Stalin Speech) This was seen as massive Soviet Propaganda and potentially drove Truman to investigate the Soviet problem further. The propaganda the Soviet Union used is said to be, “Planned strategically and tactically. The Soviet population is well insulated from non-Soviet Ideology. All means of public expression are completely controlled in the USSR, and material is published only as it fits in the government programs.” This propaganda technic was seen by the U.S. as harmful because the Soviet public would generally favor a war against the United States. (Soviet Foreign Policy Memo) The biggest reason why traditionalists
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