Magical Realism In Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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Laura Esquivel, born in Mexico in 1950, wrote her first best-selling novel "Like Water
For Chocolate" in 1989. The novel describes the process of Tita’s struggle to find her true love
Pedro. Due to Laura 's Latin American cultural background, the novel was written in the genre of
Magical Realism, which often appears in literal works such as paintings, novels, and films.
Magic Realism means that supernatural phenomenon happens in the reality world. Laura used couple magical realism events such as Mama Elena 's back to life as a ghost, Tita 's death with
Pedro, and the effects which her tears had on the guests to develop the plot to give a more compact structure, fuse the emotions with the reader to give the readers more motivation to read
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The cookbook under the ashes symbolizes Nirvana. As mentioned before, Tita’s death is only the physical death of her body, but her spirit, along with the cookbook has survived, and will pass on in the family for generations. The author uses the cookbook which contains Tita’s life and spirits. It has become a symbol of a commonly
“legendary” woman with her commonly “epic” life, and all the family members will look at the book and commemorate the life of this woman, Tita. This example is the best, most profound example of magical realism throughout the book.
In general, the use of magical realism in this novel is significant and has positive effects on the novel. Similar to the novel “a hundred years of solitude” written by Garcia Marquez, both of the novels uses the magical realism to express what they feel and what they think through the form of literal work, but the magical realism examples in this novel “like water for chocolate” are more exquisite, more heart-related. The author wants to use this Latin-American genre to relate the readers to the characters in the book; the author wants to make the readers feel what the characters feel. The magical realism had successfully developed the theme, promoted the
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