Magical Realism By Gabriel Garcia Marquez And Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Nathaniel Hawthorne both use very unique writing styles. Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings and Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote Young Goodman Brown. Gabriel Garcia Marquez was famous for writing stories using magical realism. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story was very dark and had to do with sin. Both authors wrote about dreams and used symbolism and imagery all throughout the two stories. In order to write both of these stories both of the authors had to use a ton of creativity. Although both authors wrote dream-like stories I believe Gabriel Garcia Marquez had a better writing style than Nathaniel Hawthorne. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is known for using magical realism in his stories which is a mixture of fantasy and realism. Magical-realist fiction contains mostly true-to-life narrative interrupted by moments of whimsical, often symbolic, fantasy described in the same tone. Magical realism has become so popular in Latin America partly because the style is connected to the storytelling of earlier generations. Magical realism attempts to connect two traditions—the “low” folkloric and the “high” literary—into a seamless whole that emphasizes the extremes of Latin American culture. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is one of the most well-known examples of the magical realist style. It combines the ordinary details of Pelayo and Elisenda’s life with amazing elements such as a flying man and a spider woman to create a tone of equal parts. Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s style comes through in his unusual, almost fairy tale–like description of the relentless rain: “The world had been sad since Tuesday” (Marquez 165). There is a blend of the fantastic and ordinary in all the descriptions, including ... ... middle of paper ... ... hypocrisy in American religion. Hawthorne sets up a story of a man who is tempted by the devil and succumbs because of his curiosity and the weakness of his faith. Like Eve in the book of Genesis, Goodman Brown cannot help himself from wanting to know what lies behind the mystery of the forest. And like Eve, Goodman Brown is rewarded for his curiosity with information that changes his life for the worse. In the course of the ceremony in the forest, the devil tells Goodman Brown and Faith that their eyes will now be opened to the wickedness of themselves and those around them. Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden and forced to undergo all the trials and tribulations of being human, and Goodman Brown returns from the forest to find that the joy in life has been taken away from him. He has become suspicious of those around him, even the woman he once loved.

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