Magical Garden Fairys

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MAGICAL GARDEN FAIRYS Once upon a time… there was a beautiful princess named, Fauna. Fauna had pretty red wavy hair, always with a different flower in it every day depending on her mood. She had gorgeous green eyes that sparkled in the sun.. Her mother was pure beauty. She had long, red, wavy hair; but instead of putting a flower in her hair, she put gold shavings in it. She was alwase kind to everyone in the lands, but sadly her mother died of poision when Fauna was only two. No one ever found out who poisioned her. So in the meantime, her Aunt Sarah took care of her. Aunt Sarah was evil she only agreed to take care of Fauna because that meant she got to rule the palace, at least until Fauna was old enough to rule herself. Fauna was fifteen at the time and didn’t know anything about how to rule a Palace of her own. But on the day of her sixteenth birthday she would finally wear the beautiful crown. The crown was gold with emeralds trickling down the sides. It was June and her birthday was in November. And heer aunt has been plotting an evil plan to keep Fauna from wearing the crown and ruling the palace herself. Fauna’s job in the Magical Palace was to take care of every little creature in the lands. It was a very hard job for just one person to do. But she had some help. From the garden fairies of course. There were hundreds of them, but Fauna had a special friendship with a particular fairy named Alaina. Alaina was very friendly and very, very nice. She was also very small. About the same size as one of your hands laid-out. She had long brown hair that always had rose petals in it. Fauna also had a unicorn named Gabriella; Gaby for short. Gaby was very strong, the strongest of all the unicorns in the palace. She was very ... ... middle of paper ... ...nt to the table. Ethan helped Fauna into her chair and sat in the chair next to her. Aunt Sarah sat across the table in front of Fauna. Ethan’s mother sat on one end of the table and his father sat on the other. We started eating and I was talking to Ethan’s mother about which dress I should wear to the royal ball next week. “Well I certaintly think blue is just not a color you would want to wear to the ball.” His mother had said. “Well I don’t want to wear pink, I wore pink to the last- “ “Oh Fauna stop babiling, pink isn’t going to kill you.” inturupted Ethan.after a few more minuets Fauna noticed that everyone was starring at her. Then it happened, Ethan got down on one knee and presented Fauna with a ring. “Fauna, darling will you marry me?” asked Ethan Fauna slapped the ring out of his hand and said marry you why should I marry you! Youre a nincompoop!!!!!!!
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