Magazine Analysis of Elle

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Magazine Analysis of Elle

The title Elle hold suggestions of femininity, the word is flowing and

rolls of the tongue. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye as

an anomaly. The strap line ‘The worlds biggest selling fashion

magazine’ appeals to the ideals of the magazine audience as fashion

victims are likely to seek things that are popular. The price is quite

expensive and shows a reader that has enough money to have all the

things she wants. The price is small but in bold whereas the price on

‘Red’ magazine is small and thin. This may be to distinguish

themselves from the other magazines. It will also appeal to an

audience with slightly more money or a love for expensive things.

The largest sell line is Winter fashion, 388 pages of coats jackets

hats and boots, plus capes your new must have. It is the largest as it

is the main point of the magazine. The next largest is 100 best beauty

products ever, voted for by the experts. Beauty products are a typical

feminine interest and also probably a great interest to those who care

about fashion and looking good. The large amount also appeals as it

gives them their moneys worth. The next largest is Exclusive, Jennifer

Aniston, Loving life after Brad, this is an appeal to a fairly young

female audience because celebrities are a typically female interest

and it has the added fact of relationship issues and solutions.

Another sell line is super sexy shopping, High street party buys.

Using words like sexy attracts classy females who like to look good

and the party attracts girls who enjoy a lavish lifestyle. The last

sell line is 20% of at Pied a terre, it is a designer shop and


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This summary report refers to the period 01-Jul-2005 to 31-Dec-2005.

This report was approved by the ABC on 16-Feb-2006.

Heading Detail

Publisher Name: Hachette Filipacchi (UK) Ltd

Magazine Classification: Women's Interests:Women's Lifestyle/Fashion

ABC Primary Figure: 219,689

Number Of Effective Issues (Actuals minus excluded): 6

Cover Price & Subscription Rates:

Basic Cover Price: £3.00

Basic Annual UK Subscription Rate: £36.00

Basic Annual RoI Subscription Rate: £76.15

Other Countries Subscription Rate - (Rate From): £76.15

to (OC): to

Other Countries Subscription Rate - (Rate To): £110.00
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