Madonna and Pop Culture

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I stand for freedom of expression, doing what ever you believe in, and going after your dreams. -Madonna
Even though she is a big influence other artist have influenced too. Should Madonna be getting all of the fame? Why does everyone look up to her as a big influence? Was she really the biggest influence to Pop Culture?
Madonna Louise Ciccone was born August 16, 1958 to Madonna Louise Ciccone and Silvio Ciccone. Her family was a big strong strict family in the world of Christians. She had to do everything in the name of the father. As growing up Madonna saw herself as being Cinderella and having to take care of everything and clean up after everyone. With having to deal with Madonna’s mom having breast cancer and dying when she was 5 is what influenced her the most with her singing songwriting and dancing. She said that she was determined to make her voice heard. Madonna was a pop-culture goddess starting in 1982. “The biggest reason I was able to express myself and not be intimated was by not having a mother”. “For mothers teach you manners and I absolutely did not learn any of those rules and regulations. (“Madonna”). Madonna rebelled against her traditional upbringing by turning her conservative clothing into revealing outfits, frequenting underground gay night clubs, and rejecting her religious background. Madonna gave birth to her daughter in 1996 named her Lourdes Maria (Lola) Ciccore Leon with her love and personal trainer Carlos Leon. Between 2000 and 2008 she had a son. Madonna stayed resolutely independent. She adopted a boy and girl from Malawi.
Madonna was also known as a “material” girl. She just wants stuff as in material stuff everything she had to touch and feel. In 1992 she took the role of sexual siren to ...

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... back to the years that her experimented with them. One of the more remarkable things in the collection was his sketch book. He inked photo-booth sessions of Madonna and a full-color sketch for the cover of “Burning up.” The image is totally 80s all bright block colors. Madonna sport short hair and thick eyebrows.
Madonna was a pop culture goddess and is the one that influenced most girls into doing that they believe in and following their dreams. She showed everyone that you don’t have to follow the crowd and you can go on your own path and walk that one.

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