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Damaris Schwarz Political Science Buckley, Michael 9 March, 2014 Madison's Model Power should always be distributed, because too much power isn't always a good thing. Too much power can result in domination of others, which is why organization and structure is the key to success, and that's where the Madisonian Model comes in. However, not all ideas intended to succeed do. Even though Madison's model was designed to prevent the imposition of tyranny, that didn't seem to work out too well. Madison's model has failed due to the abuse of power, resulting in the domination of one group over another. ( your thesis should be a bit more specific. How has power been abused and what group. However you are on the right track) The Madisonian model, which was first proposed by James Madison, is a structure of government made to prevent either a minority or majority group to build up enough power to dominate the others. The Constitution made this possible. One of the principles was to separate the powers of the government into three branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. The separation of powers allowed each of the three branches to be independent with the exception of working together in order to govern. Congress passes laws, the president applies and manages the laws, and the courts elucidates the laws in distinct conditions. Madison clarified his beliefs in Federalist Paper No. 51 saying that in order for a government to exist it was necessary for there to be a balance in power. By giving each branch administer constitutional means, they'll avoid intrusions of the others. The constitutional means are a system of checks and balances, where each branch of government has the right to inspect the conduct of the others. Neither branc... ... middle of paper ... ...adison's model has failed. There's constantly one group dominating over the other by abusing their powers. Madison had the right intentions with his model, but it unfortunately appeared to be less effective in certain situations, such as where Congress and the president found ways to get what they wanted without the approval and confirmation of others. Although there are still rules and processes through which groups and individuals have to follow in order to accomplish things, there usually seems to be a way around them. Whether it's Congress and the President, or outside groups, money, and campaigns, they've found a way to overpower their opponent. The 501c4 group being able to remain completely anonymous is impressive, but they significantly impacted campaign elections, which was very fair for the candidates who were attacked and lacked donations and money.

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