Madisonian Majorities

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Since time began, it has always been human nature for man to compete and win. Just like when it comes to majorities and minorities, majorities tend to overpower minorities. Guinier makes a great point when she brings up, Madisonian Majorities, which are minorities working with the majority to achieve a solution. By working in this format, we could achieve so much more in much peaceful ways. Madisonian majorities could be best applied to a democracy, because both the majority and minority can work together to satisfy the needs of its citizens. Madisonian Majorities helped shape countless laws that many Americans benefit from today, including the architecture of our government. Therefore, Madisonian Majorities are vital to a democratic society.

Madisonian Majorities have played a crucial role in our government in the past. After the American Revolution, our founding fathers were indecisive about how to run our newly found nation. The biggest dividing argument was the power our government would have. The argument was: should the states or the federal government have all of the power. After the ordeal with the Articles of Confederation, the debate again commenced. The New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan were the two different proposals for the new government. The issue of how much power the state would have based on size and population was the biggest dividing line. Both the minority and the majority worked together. Thus time passed, and the Great Compromise was introduced as the outline for our new government. The Madisonian Majority worked together and shaped the government we still use today. A Madisonian Majority helped shape the backbone of our government. If it was not for Madisonian Majorities, there could have been anothe...

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...for certain brighten our future. Our society will only progress if we put our differences aside, swallow our pride, and work together to resolve our issues. If we discontinue the practice of Madisonian Majorities, then we could be hurting ourselves in the future. Since the Revolution, the motto, “United we stand, divided we fall”, is the base on which our nation has lived and will live on forever. What is a democracy when the majority bullies and ignores the minority? It isn’t a democracy, it is totalitarianism and tyranny. Madisonian Majorities therefore, are vital to our democratic society and government. Madisonian majorities have enabled us to work together and put aside our differences to create a more perfect union.

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