Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Metabolic Rates: An Experiment

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Madagascar hissing cockroaches (Gromphadorhina portentosa) were the ectotherms used to compare standard metabolic rates and mass specific metabolic rates between organisms. To calculate metabolic rates for these individuals a system comprised of many parts was needed. A gas pump was needed to deliver airflow into the system. This gas pump was connected to a flow meter that could detect the flow rate of the gas passing through. The air would then flow into a Ascarite Column that would scrub out the CO2 from the system before the animal chamber was reached so that no CO2 that was not emitted by the animal would be collected. Then the Madagascar hissing cockroach would be in the animal chamber connected to the Ascarite Column and it would…show more content…
That CO2 and water vapor would then flow into a condensing ice bath that would cool the water vapor to condense it and remove it from the system. The CO2 and water would also pass through a Drierite Column to ensure that all excess water was removed before the airflow finally reached the CO2 analyzer was not wet. This CO2 analyzer then determines how much CO2 is in the air and sends that information to a computer with the Logger Pro 3 application to display all of the data that was received from the apparatus that was created. The application takes in flow rate data, temperature data, and CO2 in parts per million data. The weigh in grams, the sex, the amount of CO2 in ppm, and the status of habituation of the cockroach were recorded. Flow rate and temperature were also recorded and relatively consistent. A graph with metabolic rate (ml CO2 per min) on the y-axis and the groups of male and female for habituated and unhabituated cockroaches would go along the x-axis to help visualize the differences between the groups. An Analysis of Variance test (ANOVA) would be conducted by calculating the means of each group and with that calculating the sum of squares within groups, sum of squares between groups, and the total
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