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Mina Halaka
David Carlander
English 1
Mad Man
The word hero is used a lot during this day and age and the problem is that people cannot relate to fictional heroes. People today are so interested in “anti-heroes” because even though they may be criminals, murders and other undesirables, but when it comes down to a horrible situation, they will be the first ones who step up. There are degrees of anti-heroes in the world. One of them is the good anti-hero. There are many examples in the world, but most of them come from television. In AMC's drama television series, Mad Men, we are shown the life of Don Draper, an intelligent middle aged business man with dreams of becoming a big name in the advertsing world. With his morally questionable decisions alongside his deep emotional and life issues Don Draper provides us with a good example of todays modern anti-hero.
In the first few episodes of Mad Men we are introduced to Don Draper who is characterized as a liar, cheater, and heavy drinker. The first few minutes we can already see that Don is a very handsome middle aged business man. However, as the episode progresses we see Don's true personality. For example, after Don left his office, he went to a brothel house and is seen assaulting a hooker. Shortly after the scene cuts, he casually goes home to his wife and two kids and acts as if his encounter at the brothel never happened. Later, we learn that Don cheats on his wife very often; he is seen with one mistress in each following episode. Even though Don seems to be morally bankrupt, however we find out later that he doesn't like cheating on his wife and he feels bad about it sometimes. For example, one of Don's mistresses asked him how he is able to be with another ...

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...roes” hold a special place in entertainment. They are surprisingly addictive and we find ourselves craving them to spice up storylines. We just love seeing such reluctant heroes fight their own nature to do the right thing. It also gives us hope and we feel rewarded when we see them conquer the darkness and take a step back towards the side of good. Plus, “anti-heroes” are just plain fun. The world would be a more stark place with only “white knights” and “black-hearted villains.” Anti-heroes keep us guessing and give us something to have hope for. We are a society impossibly addicted to hope and as we constantly see, we are addicted to “anti-heroes.” We want to believe in the goodness inside people, and we feel justifiably rewarded when we catch glimpses of it in someone who we did not initially perceive as being good. It’s like discovering hidden treasure.
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