Mad Max Fury Road Gender Analysis

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The woman pictured here is a character called Imperator Furiosa. She is the main character of Mad Max Fury Road, a film set in a postapocalyptic world where women are enslaved as machines for breeding. Spoiler alert, she goes on to save them and save herself.

Sounds like a typical action movie right? You’d think so, except this simple combination of a strong female lead, liberating other women from sexual slavery seemed to be so feminist, it threatened to have some men lose every inch of manhood just by watching.

Could it be possible that a woman is the lead of an action movie? How could it be possible that that woman wasn’t completely dependent on men?

And how could men everywhere possibly withstand the emasculation of this totally “weak
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How dare such a movie lure “masculine heterosexual men” through the temptation of explosion and violence, and, out of all unimaginable grand deceptions, introduce a heroine!

In an all-boy’s school, it is easy to get sucked into a culture of hypermasculinity.
Perhaps your peers, your teachers, and your parents have certain expectations of you – that you become a “real man”, that you “man up” and that you stop acting like “a little girl”. That’s just normal right? Shouldn’t we, as men, be expected to be tough and courageous? Of course, there’s something deeply disturbing about that idea. Because if “to be a man” means to be tough and strong, and to be “a little girl” or “to be a pussy” – which are code-words of “woman”, is the opposite of being a man – then doesn’t that logic mean that being a girl – is the opposite of being courageous and tough?

That is dangerous, because it actively contributes to a social culture where women are discouraged from being strong and competent.

I’m going to assume you think that that’s a bad thing – but if you don’t, all I can say is that there was a 50% chance you could’ve been born a woman, and the fact that by pure fate you weren’t born one, does not entitle you to
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One simple example, till 1966, the male idea that women belonged in the domestic world, meant women were banned from the public service upon marriage. Those structures still exist today. It’s called male privilege. You have it, I have it. It no longer looks like banning women from work post-marriage, but it’s still there. It looks like
Gender pay gap – where a woman doing the same job as a man gets paid 17% less
• It looks like positions in high power dominated by men – Tony Abbott’s cabinet featured one woman out of 19 people; which we pleasantly learnt was doubled in the next year to a grand total of two women.
• But it also looks like what we’re talking about today – violence against women. Because while it is true that men also suffer from violence by women, the violence against women by the hands of men is hugely disproportionate – it is way higher and far more widespread.
• And that’s problematic. Not just because it is disadvantageous for women currently, but because these kinds of systems actually tend to White Ribbon Day @ Tech keep themselves
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