Macroeconomics On KSE 100 Index

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The article grants the macroeconomic indicators influences on profitability of firm’s earnings on KSE 100 index (construction and material).the macroeconomic indicators include FDI, INTEREST RATE, EXPORT, and IMPORT. In this study we are taking 19 companies regarding construction and materials listed in KSE 100 index. To check the effect of Profitability on firms earnings through EBIT, ROE, ROA. Fertility in construction and material sector market plays a vital role in the economy of Pakistan, thus profitability is important for responsive construction and materials sector in KSE 100 index. According to a paper done, whose intension to find out the effect of macroeconomic gages on small and medium enterprises effectiveness which indicates that In contemporary years, Lithuania applies considerable interest to SME’S productivity, but investigation associated to the valuation of complicated macro aspects and their impact on the concluding performance of Small and Medium Enterprises is not satisfactory. (Bekeris, 2012) It has been observed that FDI has positive impression on firms out...
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