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Machineries are used in everyday life and had benefited us in many ways. The invention of machines started to quicken in the last hundred years but it is the industrial revolution which brought about a change in many industries by introducing the use of machines so that goods could produced at a much faster and cheaper rate.
Starting in the early 19th Century the United States underwent the industrial revolution. The work that many people did changed as they moved from farms and small workshops into larger factories. They tended to buy things in stores, rather than make them at home or trade with their neighbors. They used machines, and purchased the products of machines, more than they ever had.
The implementing of machines had changed man’s life drastically, but for the better or is it for the worse? What impact does the change have in our lives today, our lives in the past just after the revolution and our lives in the future? During the Industrial Revolution, pollution, such as Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere rose, working conditions declined, and the number of women and children working increased. The government, the arts, literature, music and architecture and man's way of looking at life all changed during the period.
The revolution utilized the power of electricity to develop the technology and help social and home lives. Electricity improved life by supplying people with light, and electricity to power machines. Communications improved as a result of electricity. The first communicational devices for public use are the telegraph and the telephone. With the development of technology, radio waves were discovered. Messages could be sent over long distances in practically no time. This is an example of how the industrial revolution which brought about the use of machines had benefited people’s life in the past and even today. Instant messaging and electronic mail used by many is an example of how machines have improved our communication today.
Machines had also helped in the medical field. Medicine before the 1750's and in the 1750's wasn't well developed. It was impossible to save a patient once there is infection. Various diseases couldn't be stopped or controlled because of limited technology. In the 1850's however, vaccinations were discovered and administered. X rays machines were also invented and provided doctors with a faster way of diagnosing medical problems. Louis Pasteur discovered a way to remove all germs in milk.
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