Machiavelli 's Views On The View Of An Ideal Society

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Machiavelli and More were both humanists and contemporaries of each other during the Renaissance and had witnessed political and religious turmoil in their respective states. Because of this, it led Machiavelli and More to write about how states should be run and how to maintain their societies. However, Machiavelli and More’s view of the relationship between human nature and the possibility of creating an ideal society contrasted one another. Machiavelli’s views in The Prince was more realistic because Machiavelli believed that the prince should regard the interests of the state, not the people and More’s Utopia was more idealistic because he believed that states should reform and regard the interest of the people. Machiavelli believed human nature is manipulative and unchangeable, the prince should only trust his ability, and in separating politics and ethics. More believed human nature can be improved and changed for the better, everyone is equal to one another, and in connecting Christian morals and politics. It can also be argued that Machiavelli and More’s view regarding human nature and creating an ideal community do not contrast each other at all, but are similar because both agreed that their government should be improved and reformed. Machiavelli believed human nature is manipulative and unchangeable for the better, unlike More who believed human nature can be improved and changed for the better. For example, Machiavelli stated that a prince should be ruthless and use force to gain and maintain power because people in real life are vicious and selfish. In Chapter VI, he explained that people can easily be managed at first, but they are difficult to control over a period of time. He wrote “the nature of the people is... ... middle of paper ... ...s serve for a one-year term” (Utopia, pg. 96). This shows that More believed everyone are equals of each other and through this new political system, no one feels oppressed. This type of government More wrote in Utopia, is an alternative to Europe and England’s political system of feudalism where the nobles profited the most under the peasants’ labor. More’s views and beliefs on government favored the people in which he also cared about their interest and welfare. It can be also assumed that if the people’s interest and welfare are taken into consideration then they will be happier which the state can be maintained peacefully without force or violence. More’s viewpoint is seen as idealistic compared to Machiavelli because this shows that Utopia is a quasi-ideal community where there is no hardship or conflict, and where everyone is an equal to one another and happy.
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