Machiavelli Politics And Politics

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Before Machiavelli, philosophers believed that politics and morality were interconnected, and to be a good politician, one mus t be was a moral person, and that politics and morality were interconnected. Machiavelli believed the exact opposite, he: thought that a successful politician can only be successful if they completelyhas to be able to separate morality and politics, and that immoral and dishonest behavior are acceptable ways of achieving political goals. Furthermore, Machiavelli was not just stating that a good politician, or a good Prince is one who separates politics and morality. He also provided many ideas recommendations on how to separate the two, and states multipledescribes what he believed are the ideal characteristics of a…show more content…
If Machiavelli, and if he was still around today, most of his opinions would probably not have changed. It is still relevant that a good leader should not be idealistic, an example would be George Bush after 9/11, when he went to war against Al-Qaida in Afghanistan 1. An iIdealistic leader would not have been willing to go outside the rules of the law to handle such an extreme circumstancetake such extreme measures where many innocent people would be killed. Machiavelli’s point of being stingy and cruel are also still relevant today., Tthere are countless examples of leaders promising too much to their people and needing to continually raise taxes, for example, the mayor of Toronto’s promise to extend the subway has imposed a huge financial burden on its population like Machiavelli warns. Moreover , Machiavelli would still statecomplain that a merciful leader woulds allow too much crime while a cruel leader would keep the state safe. We see this in short sentences and early parole for serious crimes. Additionally, lyingLying in politics is still very relevant todayprevalent, and Machiavelli would say this is a positive. However, Machiavelli he would probably criticize today’s leaders for not being deceitful enough, as he believes believed that they should be perceived as telling the truth but in reality they should lie when it benefits them. (EXAMPLE??). One idea that is not relevant today is theThe idea of being feared over being loved is not true in many countries today. Considering that many countries in the world today are democratic, it is difficult for a leader who is feared by the people to get elected. There are however, some examplesexceptions, like President Putin in Russia and President Dutarte in the Phillipines, however, in most cases a feared leader is not one who is
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