Macbeth Universal Themes

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Macbeth is a classic when we talk about universal themes. By comparing Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Peter Moffat’s adaptation film Macbeth Retold we can definitely see the emphasis on universal themes of loyalty and guilt. Both texts emphasise the importance of loyalty as the integral trigger for guilt, allowing greater insight into universal themes. While Shakespeare employs literary techniques to express various forms of devotion and culpability, Moffat manipulates motifs and various characters to convey undermining themes. From differing perspectives, both composers simultaneously demonstrate the timelessness of universal themes despite being comprised in different contexts. Shakespeare touches on many forms of loyalty. Foremost amongst these is the fundamental role of loyalty in friendship. Banquo’s strong friendship with Macbeth is demonstrated through Shakespeare’s use of emotive language, “Thou hast it now: king, Cawdor, Glamis, all, as the weird women…show more content…
Moffat also emphasises on the role of loyalty in that Billy’s character does not fail to play the devoted friend of Joe. We know that Billy and Joe have a good friendship, passionate kiss on Billy’s lips. Billy of course was shocked and replies exclaiming “mad boy!” which was quickly rebuked by Joe, “but you love me” shocking us into believing they are more than just friends. Moffat manipulates upbeat, dynamic non-diegetic sounds to induce humor while illustrating their close friendship with each other. However while their close friendship causes uncertainty, Joe ultimately decides kill Billy, this is depicted when he takes Billy’s hand and gives him a prolonged kiss before whispering, “ see you Billy.” The close up shot of Joe’s face conveys his emotions while foreshadowing the murder of Billy. Such techniques position us to view such deeds with aversion thus greater insight into universal
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