Macbeth Tragedy Analysis

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A Shakespearean tragedy, is a play with an apparent heroic figure whose major character flaw(s) cause the story to end with a tragic downfall. Shakespeare’s Macbeth is one such tragedy.
Macbeth is filled with an abundance of examples of what gives Macbeth a tragic essence.
It is clear to see why this Shakespearean play, with the constant death and subterfuge throughout the play, is considered the most intense and complex tragedy, and being that special kind of tragedy Macbeth is. It has left a template for modern epics such as, the fall of Anakin
Skywalker from George Lucas’s, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, and like Macbeth, Star Wars is just as complex. Shakespeare’s last tragedy was a type of wonder because it was not
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Macbeth, like the any other tragic hero, has a great flaw. Due to his unbridled desire, for power and the position of king allows lady Macbeth to goad him into doing far more than what needed to be done. He foolishly throws everything else that matters away because of his wife’s criticisms and diabolical mind along with his own personal short-comings.
Throughout the play, readers or the audience will notice a significant shift in the Macbeth couple’s sanity. Macbeth, out of guilt starts seeing specters, his wife sleepwalks through the castle speaking of the spot on her hand that will not wash away, and the dirty deeds the couple has committed. Which shows that the earliest murders affected them in some way to make them feel regret, guilt, and fear. Just to compare, Anakin did the exact same thing. Due to the prophecies in each of these stories caused both flawed characters with their wild ambition to attempt to stop or change the prophesized events, and the way that they acted destroyed everything that they were before.
Macbeth in the end was so detached from reality that when lady Macbeth died he didn’t blink an eye, and I do not believe that in the end of the play the Macbeth we met in the beginning was
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Which in turn created
Darth Vader. He did not fall on his own because of the prophecy, of the chosen one, the Jedi, his mother, and his wife Padme all had a hand in making him something he was not just as the witches and lady Macbeth did to Macbeth. They wanted change to happen for security and a wonderful future, but in the end self-fulfilled the prophecies they tried to prevent. In conclusion, Macbeth is a tragic hero because he was a victim of prophecy or fate. The witches, one could say, set him up to fall. Their prophecies were cryptic riddles that could have had several meanings and Macbeth was rash enough to let others mold his future to what they wanted, like his wife, and not what he wanted. It is unclear if the outcome of the play could have been a happier one, but it could not be because then it would not be a tragedy. The play took a respected high ranking character on a journey of death and sadness, and in the end, it was all for nothing. In conclusion, I have sympathy for both lord and lady Macbeth due to the fact each of them felt remorse at one point, and the fact that Macbeth fell so far is heart breaking. The
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