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Even though Macbeth is influenced by Lady Macbeth and the witches throughout the play his hamartia causes him to do things that he might not have done. When Macbeth received his prophecy from the witches about becoming king, it causes him to believe that it will come true. In all actuality the prophecy causes him to commit murder so he canu become king but at the same time the witches knew this would happen. Macbeth is driven mad when he tries to make the witches prophecy come true. When he commits the murder of Duncan the madness begins, and from that point on he is in a state of paranoia.

The first murder that Macbeth committed, trying to fulfill the witches prophecy was when he murdered Duncan. Macbeth's paranoia starts before he even commits the act. "Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handles toward my hand? Com let me clutch thee." (Act II Scene I Lines 33 and 34) In Act two Scene one while Macbeth is on his way to Duncan's room he says he sees a dagger that is pointing him to Duncan's room. This shows that Macbeth knows what he is doing is wrong but tries to find a way to justify his actions. In this same act Macbeth claims that Duncan's two grooms yell out the words "Murder" and "God bless us". (Act II h Scene II Lines 20 and 24). This also shows that Macbeth is hearing things and knows what he is doing is wrong. He doesn't want to commit these murders but Lady Macbeth call out his manliness. Lady Macbeth wants to be in power more then her husband and continues to push Macbeth until he will follow through with the prophecy. This is still Macbeth's fault because he never had to murder Duncan and start this time of horror.

This is also the same time when Macbeth says "Glamis hath murdered sleep, a...

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... that it caused him did not allow him to enjoy it.

Macbeth is responsible for all of the actions that drive him insane. This all happens after he receives the prophecy from the witches about becoming king. Before he commits the first murder he says that he sees a dagger pointing him to Duncan's room. This dagger that he sees is a figure of his imagination justifying to himself that it is ok to commit the murder. When they are at the dinner and Banquo's ghost appears and Macbeth is the only one who can see it, but this time Macbeth is having a feeling of regret why he has had his best friend murdered. Even though Lady Macbeth and the witches might of pushed Macbeth to do it, it was actually Macbeth who causes all the madness.

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