Macbeth Is An Extravagant Play Made By William Shakespeare

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Macbeth is an extravagant play made by William Shakespeare. Macbeth, the play, was composed in the early seventeenth century to entertain the king at that time. Some elements of the play are metaphor, theme, and imagery. The major elements of The Tragedy of Macbeth are the metaphor of sleep, the meanings behind the imagery, and the theme of criminality. Macbeth comes across his future, and at first is suspicious of the witches’ prophecies, but then the first one comes true. After that, life goes downhill for Macbeth. He ultimately starts killing people, losing sleep, and descending out of touch with reality. Consequently, Macbeth ends up dying because the greed of being king got to his head, and he ended up losing his pulse. Shakespeare has an extraordinary way of putting the way people feel into words. Shakespeare’s infamous quote, “The death of each day’s life” (2.2.3) is a good example (Delaney 209). The death of each day’s life has many meanings behind it (Delaney 209). One of the metaphors is sleeping is like practicing death (Delaney 209). Waking up in the morning is the state of being born. During the day is midlife, with one running errands and getting things done, and lastly at night is like being an elder. Being at home just resting and relaxing until eventually one decides to go to bed and go to sleep, and sleep is the death of each day (Delaney 209-210). As can be seen in the passage, there are infinite stages of life in a day. In a way, people are living a new lifetime, each day of their lives (Delaney 209-210). People should be thankful for the present day because today is the only day one can be sure of having. After all, nobody can be sure that tomorrow will come. A person can anticipate and wait for ... ... middle of paper ... ... acts of criminality can take over one’s mind and make it hard to differentiate what’s real and what’s not. The play, Macbeth, holds many things that relate to life in present day. The metaphor of death, the symbolism in images, and the theme of criminality teaches the reader many lessons. First the theme shows the reader that they are living infinite stages of life in a day. Then the symbolism makes the reader look for deeper meanings in the images of the play, for example, the sleep walking scene with Lady Macbeth. And lastly the theme tells the reader that criminality can be influenced by wants that comes from greed which will eventually deteriorate one’s mind, like Macbeth. Shakespeare showed his great play writing abilities in Macbeth and everybody should read it at least once in their life, to see the great play writer, William Shakespeare, do his magic.
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