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538 words

In both, Happy Days “A Star is Bored” and Gilligans Island “The Producer”, Macbeth is referred to, and is used as a basis for one of their whole episodes. In both TV hits, Macbeth is put on, in play form, by the cast of the show. Sometimes Macbeth is criticized and Macbeth is made into a version of a satire; and sometimes the cast goes into depth and discusses the meaning of different scenes throughout the play. Although alike in different ways, Macbeth is performed in each episode quite differently. The themes, and basis of the episode are both different.
The Happy Days episode did not use the play Macbeth as a focus for the show. If the director of the show would of chosen a different Shakespearean play the episode would not of been the same. The boys of the town put on the play for a church fundraiser to raise money to get their baseball team new uniforms. The boys thought that if they had nice uniforms and looked like a team then they would actually win, but they would have to raise more money than usual to be able to afford getting new matching uniforms for the whole team. The...

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how macbeth is used as a basis for one of the episodes of happy days, a star is bored, and gilligans island, the producer.
  • Analyzes how the happy days episode did not use the play macbeth as a focus for the show.
  • Analyzes how the cast of gilligan's island put on a musical version of macbeth to get the producer that castaway on the island to take them with him when his rescue plane arrived.
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