Macbeth Banquo Analysis

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Banquo has his suspicions of Macbeth and expects him of treachery. Macbeth is aware of Banquo’s suspensions from the witches vision that he will someday become a father to many kings. Due to his suspicions, Macbeth has decided to hire two murderers, one for Banquo and the other for his son Fleance because Macbeth is worried that if Banquo become king, Macbeth son will not be heir to his throne. During a banquet that Macbeth was attending, he saw the ghost of Banquo. This scared him. In relationship to this in the Throne of Blood is just the opposite whereas Washizu saw Miki’s ghost before the murderer and inform him that Miki is dead. But he forgot to kill her son. Lady Macbeth asks all of the guests to leave. Macbeth decides to visit…show more content…
She controls Macbeth who is a brave soldier and powerful man. Feeling guilty, Lady Macbeth tries to deal with her conscious of guilt, but her downfall causes her to be weak and powerless. Macbeth is a noble, courageous and loyal man as he risked everything to protect Scotland from the Norwegians. His ambitions to become king was the doing of the witches prophesizes. His brave fight for battle against the Norwegians was causing the witches to appear. The treachery of Macbeth was controlled by his wife although he felt regret of killing Duncan. When the witch’s prophecies corrupted him, he got greedy. Since the witches had the power to control Macbeth they are somewhat responsible for Macbeth's actions. In the character of Macbeth, not only the duality inherent in many Renaissance heroes is reflected as a strong, bright personality forced to commit a crime for the sake of incarnation, but his downfall is caused by an antagonist. Nonetheless, both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are equal partners in their ambitions. Throughout the play, he keeps imagining the blood-stained dagger that was used to kill
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