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The play “Macbeth” Written by “William Shakespeare” explores the theme of power, mechanized by his ambition. His nobility at heart , derives from his heroism in the inauguration of the play. It progressively deteriorates through his ambition guided crimes .The utilisation of metaphors and figurative language within the play explores the fall of a hero.

Paragraph One

In the establishment of the play, right away we hear of Macbeth’s nobility.” For brave Macbeth, Well he deserves that name” The use of the word brave, tells us how that he is possessing of courage, a characteristic in which is required for a person in possession of the noble title. We are further sucked into this belief as his bravery is described in a manner of honour, by using the word “well”.The word “well” tells us that not only is he brave at that one moment, but that he was constantly showing of nobility. This is explored through the quote “Duncan- Dismayed not this our captains, Macbeth and Banquo” ”Captain -Yes, as sparrow’s eagles, or the hare the lion.” The captain tells us how Macbeth is fearless and brave, he describes Macbeth’s Fear through the use of imagery, he makes the audience believe Macbeth can do anything which ironically later leads to his downfall. Through this quote we believe that Macbeth is as scared much as sparrows frighten eagles or rabbits frighten a lion.

Paragraph Two
In act 1 scene 7, we see how Macbeth’s ambition is driven by lady Macbeth and her temptations as Macbeth tries to back out of the killing of Duncan however to his fall she tempts him with the fortunes to come after ,”Macbeth - we will proceed no further in this business.” He hath honoured me of late, and i have bought golden opinions from all sorts of people,..” ...

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... this time of the play we see the true despair in macbeth as he hears the news of of lady macbeth’s death and reacts to it in a casual matter and explains how the news of her death was bound to come someday.The repetition technique used in this quote ,reflects the routine of existence, the way the word “petty” is used to show how insignificant life is to macbeth at this point in the play.Throughout the rest of his soliloquy we are shown how his lost hope which later leads to his downfall. “The Way to dusty death.Out,out,brief candle” Through this quote macbeth depicts the life his lost, with the word “Dusty” .Dusty signified in this context as an unimportant factor ,which he uses to represent life. “Out,out brief candle” Signifies life, and how life is a candle that macbeth is willing to blow out and end due to not having achieved what is wanted from his ambition.

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