Mac OS And Windows OS

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Comparison between MAC OS and Windows OS

There are many things we can differ between Mac OS and Windows OS, especially in term of how it works and runs and also what other things that one had and for other don’t have. Some information of Mac OS and Windows OS is shown as below.


MAC is short form from the word of Macintosh and refer to any computer produced by the Apple Inc. It is commercial. MAC OS is a series of graphical user interface-based operating system developed by Apple Inc. for their Macintosh line of computer system. It is also proprietary software with an open source components. For its kernel type is hybrid (XNU). The base of Mac OS is UNIX so that it is more powerful, and powerful here means that it is safe and secure from viruses and some say that once every decade it is been effected. Recently Mac had just released its latest version that is OS X 10.9 maverick. BIOS does not need for Mac to install it and it has no registry to foul up.


Microsoft Windows is proprietary commercial software. Microsoft Windows is a series of graphical interface operating system developed, marketed and sold by Microsoft. It has both sources either closed source or shared source. It is kernel type Hybrid (Windows NT family), DOS (16-bit Windows and Windows 9x/ME series). The base of Windows is DOS and less secure and it stated that once a minute on almost thousand computers that effected. As for Windows it need BIOS to install it and it latest released is Windows 8.1. For every version released by Microsoft is related by Mac edition.


KIS can configure your Mac for use at Kellogg, but KIS can only provide basic operating system and application troubleshooting. Operating system re-installation...

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System/Library/Core Services.

The supporting files for Windows are win.sys,HAL.DLL,system.ini,sysedit.exe,config.exe,auto.exec.BAT and MSCONFIG.exe

Mac OS is easily to install.

Windows is more difficult to install.

Mac does not provide many customize setting.

Windows provide many customize settings like basic, classic and Aero.

The web browser in Mac usually is Safari. The users of safari have an option to directly search from the tool bar by making use of search box in the upper right screen.
The web browser that usually in Windows is internet explorer. Windows users are dependent upon using any search engine like Google in order to complete the task.

Mac is told for having more number of features.

Windows is told for having less number of features

Example of MAC OS platform and Windows OS :
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