Mac Computers vs. Personal Computers

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Mac Computers vs. Personal Computers Starting in the 1980s computer systems have become an essential part of our lives. Steve Jobs created the first personal computer called the Altair 8800 costing 379 US dollars and later on Bill Gates created Microsoft Disk Operating System which would grow to become Windows Operating System. Throughout the year’s computers have been an ever growing market and have officially changed the way we work. Still to this day people clash at which computer system is better Mac or PC. Is it because the flexibility the PC has? Or the low prices PC offers to the public? But the biggest front is which system has the best protection against viruses? Most Windows PC’s allow the user to buy and upgrade their systems to however they want to use them. For example, if you want to have a PC geared more toward the gaming lifestyle you can purchase a high end motherboard, video card, and memory to support your daily gaming activities. Even with the new games coming out almost three times a year and forcing the consumer to upgrade their systems to support the latest graphics, it is still cheaper to buy individual parts than having to buy a completely new system as you would with a Mac computer. Mac computers are also geared more towards the designing aspect of the consumer. Although Mac systems can be used for an abundant amount of tasks, Macs are mainly built for designing and video editing. They come preinstalled with iMovie which is a software that is used for video editing or you can purchase more advance products like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe AfterEffects. All these products run amazing with Mac computer and are very user friendly. Only down side is trying to keep your system up to date with the latest produ... ... middle of paper ... world in technology Mac and PC will always butt heads and people will always argue which product is better. It all comes down to what you are using that computer for, being video editing or simple office work. With all this being said I still find PC’s more flexible, won’t burn a hole in your wallet and still has great support for the security of your computer. Works Cited Dachis, A. (2013, April 30). Mac vs. Windows: Your Best Arguments. Retrieved November 17, 2013 from Klosowski, T. (2013, February 22). What Can I actually Upgrade On My Mac? Retrieved November 17, 2013 from Adobe Systems (n.d.). Adobe Creative Cloud: Video Retrieved November 17, 2013 from
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