Mac And PC: The Prices Of PC Vs. PC

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The battle for customers has brought personal computer prices temptingly low. Which kind of computer is better for the business user to buy--an Apple or a PC that runs Microsoft Windows software? Used to be simple to pick a personal computer for home use but if people wanted a simple software computer that would be Mac. If you needed lots of cheap computing power for complicated tasks, or didn't care so much about user-friendliness, you bought an IBM-style PC. Since PC have a more compatible system hardware makes it more versatile but vulnerable to malware and viruses but Mac and PC users are safer after installing up-to-date antivirus software. Since PC is a better personal computer to run small businesses because of the power to managed the information and storing it . Mac and PC are really similar to each other, but the price differs because of the named of the brand but PC are not bound by one company. it has alternative companies creating the hardware that’s why PC's are cheap. Research conducted by David Kirkpatrick indicates that Pc has 47% of machines and still growing, but Mac's has only 11% of computer, we could argue which computer has better quality but Mac could reduce the value of their computers to acquire the same quality of a PC. PC Different OEMs and even custom build PCs might not have the suitable drivers released for every components in each OS version, incompatibles, lagging may occur. Maybe cannot reach expected performance.Since Apple manufactures all updates, hardware and software Mac's run smoothly and stable performance. Custom build PC's are the ones that create most of the problems in home computers, but manufactures that sell PC's to customers don’t bring any kind of problems with their compat... ... middle of paper ... ...g the Mac fans. It also leaves Apple remarkably vulnerable when innovations go wrong - the ill-fated Cube placed the company in deep trouble, taking them out of the market and wasting a lot of money on a system that’s doesn’t work so well. this also applies for games since Mac doesn’t support too many games making them drop their market really low when it comes to gaming. Personal Computers are design for home and business use, Pc are simple, affordable and upgradable making them really versatile to any used on a home. Computers are a part of our daily life making Mac are useless for personal computing. PC PRO a specialize website that reviews the Pros and Cons about computers. Many reviews from this website say that Mac is only great for media purposes. Also PC is the most familiar computer in the world making the customers feel comfortable with their purchase.
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