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This section talks about the findings of this study about Music and Academic Activity (Study). The findings is organised using type A arrangement which all the findings is written first before all the discussions is included.

An experiment is conducted on five participants which was selected randomly from the Faculty of Computing. Most of the participants is listening to any type of music while studying. An interview is conducted to each participants right after the experiment finish to gain a supported evidence from them.

Figure 1: Calculation Test
Figure 1 shows the performance of five participants during calculation test using rock and soul music. In general, the participants performed better during soul music been played. The highest performance in calculation test using soul music is 0.476 by Student five. As for rock music, the highest performance shown is 0.2083 by student 5. This proves that the respondent is comfort doing calculation with soul music played.
Based on Figure 1, the result clearly show that all of the participants who took part in the experiment more comfortable doing calculation when soul music been played. The result were anticipated as all the participants are students that used to listen to music during studying. There are several factors that lead to efficiency of listening to soul music during calculation test being held. One of the factor is soul music is a soft music. Soft music is better when doing calculation rather than rock music that classified as hard music. This factor helped make the soul music is better to be listened during calculation test. However, student 3 stated that listening to music while calculating can distract her concentration. Dolegui(2013) stated that listening to...

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...pant always listen can give impact on this experiment or not. This situation may cause participant already familiar with that song. However, the selection of participants and a short study about types of music they always listen to, can prevent bias. Thus, selection of participant make the experiment did not show any significant result to find out the effect of type of instrumental music in students’ learning process.
As a conclusion, instrumental song is the most suitable music to play when memorizing. This was expected as the instrumental song can create a relax atmosphere and at the same time can release stress. Apart from that, students who are likely to listen to random music prefer to listen to instrumental songs when memorizing. As such, instrumental song can give the best result for students in their learning process especially when they do memorization.
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