MUBLI Analysis

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To establish a communication system called MUBDI between ME and TROUBLE we should consider establishing an interplanetary network (IPN) which is different than establishing other kinds of networks on earth due to the ambiguity of the environment, using the same standard TCP/IP protocols is not effective in such a network according to [1]. There are several factors that affect the applicability of IPN which include the propagation delay, intermittent connectivity and high data loss rates. This led to the designation of a more effective protocol architectures represented by Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) which makes communication in such environment easier and more applicable.

Delay Tolerant Networking is an end-to-end architecture for data transfer in challenged networks. To solve the problem of intermittent connectivity, DTN represented the Bundle protocol which resides between the transport and the application layers and forms a store-and-forward network. MUBDI system is network that consists of three sub networks [3], The Interplanetary backbone network which is considered to be the infrastructure of the communication between ME on earth and TROUBLE in the outer space including its nodes, The Interplanetary External network which is the combination of MUBDI nodes in the outer space represented by satellites, a set of sensor node clusters and a number of space stations, The third sub network is The Planetary Network which consists of two other sub networks itself, The first one is the Planetary Surface Network which consists of high power rovers and landers, a wireless backbone on earth with stable power and other elements that cannot communicate directly with satellites. The Planetary Surface Network provides c...

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...gins, another limitation in CGR that is an asset in the same time is the use of the Licklider Transmission Protocol ( LTP ) which provides reliable data transmission, but its mechanism have not yet been evaluated extensively.
Contact Graph Routing relies heavily on Contact Plan, this can be the main restriction of MUBDI system, because Contact Plan will be scheduled and distributed to MUBDI’s nodes containing information based on our previous assumptions. Every activity in MUBDI is going to take a place according to information being based on these assumptions. The distances between MUBDI nodes might be different, the needed power and resources might not be enough to make sure that the bundle will be transmitted until TROUBLE and bundles might be expired in their current node while still waiting for the next node to be available and ready to get in contact.
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