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MODERN DAY PINNOCHIO’S: THE INSIDES COOPONINTERNET PLAGIARISM I am one of those people, you know the ones; they spend five weeks on a term paper writing twenty different introductions (this is number twelve), seven conclusions, and finally after going through fifteen drafts, turns in the final copy. Yup, that is me. Dedicated; That is how I would describe myself. I take pride in my work, and that is why I get so angry about fraud, plagiarism, and general laziness. These things make me irate and it doesn’t seem like it will be getting better any time soon. Unfortunately, we live in a point and click society and plagiarism is becoming easier and easier because of the Internet. Copyright fraud is becoming a very big issue, companies like Napster have been getting much publicity because artists and writers have spent many hours creating their product and they see the injustice in it being stolen. Without a doubt this is becoming an epidemic that it seems we won’t be seeing an end to anytime soon. So, what began the era of plagiarism? Many people blame the Internet for giving the public free access to that one precious commodity--information. However, it is clear that plagiarism existed long before documents were posted on the World Wide Web. Since the advent of the Internet it has became easier to falsify credit for works, however it has been happening for years. Some people claim that Aesop never really wrote those fables, and others claim that William Shakespeare’s sister, Elizabeth, was the mastermind behind his great dramatic works. From this it becomes clear that fraud is no new issue, however, the increased frequency is something to ponder. It is my belief that the amount of plagiarism has increased due to the Internet and the accessibility of such a vast amount of information. Let me show you just how easy it is to get a complete term paper on any subject off the net. While looking for information on Google (, a popular Internet search engine, I ran across several paper mills. These sights boast of having reputable resources and fantastic papers. One such sight called The Paper Geeks sells term papers for only $9.85 per page. This sight claims to have been in business since 1994 and they also claim to have a paper on every topic imaginable.


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