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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combative sport that uses a variety of fighting skills to take down the opponent. The sport came to the US in 1993 with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is now recognized by 19 states. The remaining 31 states have left it to the communities to decide if they support it or not. Media coverage has made it more popular and more people are beginning to accept it as a conventional sport. Should Mixed Martial Arts (Ultimate Fighting) be banned? According to Susan Connors, she believes that “It’s nowhere near as awful as boxing. They’re not just trying to knock each other out but to take each other down as in wrestling...You get to tap out... They tend to call the fights earlier.” On the other hand, Vivienne Nathanson thinks that “Ultimate Fighting can be extremely brutal... It can cause traumatic brain injury, joint injuries and fractures... The days of gladiator fights are over and we should not be looking to resurrect them.” In my opinion, MMA fighting should not be banned.
Canadian doctors are looking to ban full-contact sports for their brutality. The doctors worry about the potential for serious injuries. The more common injuries are broken limbs, lacerations, and brain damage. During an event in Vancouver, a large number of the fighters received emergency care at the local hospital. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) would also like sports like boxing to be banned as well. They believe that other combative sports, such as hockey and football, are different than MMA because the main goal is not to ultimately knock out your opponent. The main reason that they wish to ban sports like Ultimate Fighting and Boxing is to prevent serious injuries from occurring. This clearly shows tha...

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...Ultimate Fighting is an interesting and entertaining sport that a lot of people enjoy. As I see it, if you have a problem with MMA, you don’t have to watch it. If you learn how to do it the proper way, Ultimate Fighting can be a fun sport to watch, and to partake in. If you do it the correct way, there is less of a risk of serious injury.
MMA fighting should not be banned for the greater good. If Ultimate Fighting is not banned, more people will stay safe, and out of illegal activities. Those who oppose it believe it is too dangerous, and those who support it find it an economical and personal booster. With the already worsening job crisis, getting rid of MMA would result in a large number of lost jobs. After all of the information that I have collected, it would be a very logical decision to keep Mixed Martial Arts, but to maybe change the rules to make it safer.
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