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The Nebraska Safety Center was established by the Nebraska Legislature in 1978. It is located in West Center on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus. It provides instruction and safety education, service through seminars and workshops, coordination of state-wide programs, and research in safety education. These purposes and functions of the Nebraska Safety Center are addressed through five areas. These five areas are traffic, industrial, home, fire and recreational safety. The Nebraska Safety Center has a driving range facility that is known as the Ron and Carol Cope Nebraska Center for Safety Education and Research that was developed in 1981. It is located approximately four blocks south of UNK’s campus on North Railroad Street. The Nebraska Safety Center offers a wide variety of classes but the marketing plan will focus on Driver’s Education. The primary focus will be on creating awareness about the Nebraska Safety Center, driver’s education, and how to get a driver’s education endorsement. Driver’s education endorsement classes are held in the spring and summer semesters. The driver’s education program is offered year round and it provides four different phases of instructions to students learning to drive. These four phases include the classroom, simulation driving, range, and on-street instruction in actual traffic situations. There are classes held outside the Omaha and Lincoln metro area. Although the main office is located in Kearney, they have a wide variety of locations state wide for classes to be held. The Nebraska Safety Center needs help in spreading awareness and needs a marketing plan in place that focuses on driver’s education awareness. Our marketing plan will help map out ways to crea... ... middle of paper ... ... the nine credit hour driver’s education class and encourage them to teach classes in Nebraska [wait for answer] only have [$x] for a grant but have an opportunity to seek another grant specifically for driver’s education. • Year to date they have only had [x] of students complete driver’s education so there is an opportunity to recruit more students. • Kearney population continues to grow and an opportunity exists to market to them • Continue to raise awareness of the Nebraska Safety Center and driver’s education program so when people think of driver’s education they automatically think Nebraska Safety Center. Threats • When people get certified to become a driver’s education instructor but leave the state to teach classes • Confusion between Nebraska Safety Council and Nebraska Safety Center • Driver’s education teachers getting older and nearing retirement

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