MKN Rising Trio Achiever Scholarship Essay

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Raised by parents who taught me to never give up I have made it to my senior year of college. The road hasn't always been easy for me. My parents are both disabled and by the time I was in 7th grade my math homework was far beyond what they could help me with. They never quit encouraging me though and pushed me to become all I could be. Once I reached college and was away from home my parents could not afford to support me financially and their ability to encourage me was lower. I didn't quit but instead found my new source of push to become all I could be through my involvement in SSS, the TRiO Student Success Services program. Freshman year of college, I found myself in the honors program on a full tuition scholarship for academics at Peru State College and running cross-country. I did not get involved with SSS because of everything else I was busy with, but that didn't stop the staff members and mentors of SSS from sending me letters and encouraging cards. Sophomore year of college was my hardest year. I started working on math classes for my degree in math, I was still runnin...
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