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1871 words

1. Explain the difference between academic English and social English. Think of the way the CALLA book describes these two types of language like how long it takes to learn and what level of cognition is required for each one. Also, think of the situations in which each is used. Tell why is important to know academic English and how a teacher can teach academic English.
Social language is the language that is used for the purpose of interaction in a social setting. According to Chamot (2009), “Social language typically deals with fairly uncomplicated topics that are familiar to the speaker.” (p.37). Therefore, unlike academic language, social language is less difficult to learn and in fact requires less time to fully develop. Social language is cognitively less demanding because it requires low-order thinking skills. Such skills include recalling facts, identifying vocabulary, and making definitions. (p.37). Social Language is an essential tool that ELL’s need to help communicate affectively in their daily lives. In order for ELL’s to succeed academically as well as socially, one must master social language. ELL’s must be able to not only communicate through social interactions, but also through writing.
“Academic English includes the ability to read, write, and engage in substantive conversations about math, science, history; and other school subjects.” (Chamot, 2009, p.36) This language is more difficult and takes longer to learn than social language. Academic English is found to be more difficult for ELL’s to grasp and actually learn. Since academic language is used in learning academic content in formal schooling contexts and is associated with literacy and academic achievement, this includes specialized academic terms and te...

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...rse is to explain the break down of how a word problem in mathematics is solved. A student needs to organize the explanation of how a mathematical word problem should be organized, so that it communicates the desired message in a mathematically appropriate way.
Social Studies:
A way to teach language in social studies is when students need to justify, analyze, and compare the branches of government. At this point students are developing new vocabulary and learning through content.
A way to teach language in a science class is when students need justification about why the hypothesis did not match the conclusion given after a science experiment. This is an opportunity to use higher-order of thinking to help students better understand the outcome of the experiment by using new vocabulary and learned experiences to help draw relation to better understand.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the various ways and instruments that teachers can use to track the academic progress students are achieving. portfolio assessment is a helpful way for teachers to collect students' work and information.
  • Explains that a way to teach language in an english lesson is during story time. when reading aloud to the students, stop to explain new vocabulary and check for understanding of content.
  • Explains that a way to teach language in math courses is to explain the break down of how the word problem in mathematics is solved. students need to organize the explanation so that it communicates the desired message mathematically appropriate.
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