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When Mark Twain was 18, he left Hannibal and worked as a printer in Incipient York City, Philadelphia, St. Missouri was a slave state and puerile Twain became acclimated with the institution of slavery, a theme he would later explore in his indictment. His parents met when his father peregrinate to Missouri and were espoused several years later, in 1823.When he was four, Twain's family peregrinate to Hannibal, Missouri, a port town on the Mississippi River that inspired the fictional town of St. He was the sixth of seven children, but only three of his siblings survived childhood:his brother Orio, Henry, who died in a riverboat explosion , and Pamela.His sister Margaret died when he was three, and his brother Benjamin died three years later. Clemens emanated from St. Louis, and Cincinnati. The railroad connected the second and third most sizably voluminous cities in the state and was the westernmost Coalesced States railroad until the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. Joseph Railroad was organized in his office in 1846.The Hannibal and St. It distributed mail to and from the Pony Express In 1847, when Twain was 11, his father died of pneumonia In Mark Twain's The Prince And The Pauper, The prince notices Tom when he sees a soldier roughly pulling the young boy away from the fence; the prince rebukes the soldier and invites Tom into the palace.When the prince discovers a bruise on Tom's hand, he rushes out of the palace, paying no heed to the way he is dressed, to rebuke the guard. The guard, believing that the prince is the pauper, immediately puts him out of the gates, and thus the stage is set for Edward Tudor to experience the life of a commoner and for Tom Canty to live the life of a real-life prince. Young Tom Can... ... middle of paper ... ...earance of guilt is enough for the crowd that gathers, and the burliest of them is about to beat the prince when Miles Hendon once again appears.Hugh Hendon has Miles arrested as an impostor, and the prince is taken to jail along with him. Coincidentally, as the prince is returning to London, Tom Canty is rapidly learning to be a king and is preparing for his coronation.The ceremony begins; then, suddenly, just as the Archbishop of Canterbury Is About to place the crown on Tom's head, the real prince steps forward and forbids it. When Miles Hendon, who has been separated from the prince, appears outside Westminster, he is arrested and brought before the newly crowned king. The story shows democratic destruction and greed of government power as Mark Twain's way of revolt towards normal literature, he peels back the wallpaper that hides the true reason of government.

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