Lynching Essay

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Lynching is people taking laws into their own hands there is history of it, and why people are supportive of lynching,and re-emergences of it in modern day. Lynchings didn't really do anything but scare off black people from others, those black people that were working during the reconstruction period earned their right to do all those thing because they were free. The white people were have mad that they didn't have a job and they did. So since the white people were mad they decided to kill the black so they can find work for themselves. So I think the lynching were wrong. The history of lynching dated back to the American Revolution with Charles Lynch. Lynching was the practice of mobs of hundreds of people who will take the laws into their own hands to kill someone of their wrongdoing. The lynch mobs killed 4,743 people and 3,446 of them were black men and women. Lynching had ended between 1882 and 1968. Lynching is symbolic in history it dates back to slavery. The government didn't really do anything about the lynching mobs they had abandoned its oversight of constitutional prote...
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