Lyme Disease

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Around 114 people have died, either from partially or directly from Lyme Disease. "What's the cause?" you may ask! Lyme Ticks or more commonly known as Deer Ticks. These little buggers are usually active year round, except during subfreezing temperatures. Spring time is the worst time for these. During spring, the baby ticks hatch and they are so small that they are almost invisible. Now you may be asking yourself, "What does Lyme Disease cause"? It varies with each person. If the doctors can find the disease early enough, than they can have almost a 100% chance of curing it. Lyme is mainly treated with short-term antibiotics, often penicillin. If it does go untreated, then the effects can be that the symptoms will progress and it will be devastating. The second stage, which can take place in a one to several month period, neurological abnormalities may arise, such as encephalitis, meningitis, and more! Some people even have cardiac problems. Fun Facts(though not very fun): Anyone want to know the name of this bacteria? Its abbreviation is Bb, which stands for Borrelia burgdorfe...

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