Lying Up on the Job: Does Deceptive Impression Management Work?

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John Carlson’s article Lying Up On The Job: Does Deceptive Impression Management Work? is published in the Ivey Business Journal: a reputable journal on improving the practice of management. Rankings from BusinessWeek and Financial Times acknowledge Ivey among the top business schools in the world (“Business Schools,” n.d). This incisive and practical publication of 2012 is considered a credible source. Additionally, the prolific author of this article John Carlson, is currently the Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Baylor University. In 1995, Carlson attended Florida State University where he achieved a PhD in Information and Operations Management. Carlson who has conducted several studies (“Business Directory,” n.d) on this topic, having published articles titled: Deceptive Impression Management: Does Deception Pay in Established Workplace Relationships? (2011) and Upward Influence and Deceptive Impression Management: The Power of Subordinates Who Lie (2010) is no stranger to presenting organised materials by designates of exhaustive depth and logic. According to Carlson (2012, p.3) the purport of this article is to apprise associates within business and commercial institutions of a research study examining the efficacy of different forms of Deceptive Impression Management, and determinately, the implicative insinuations for managers. These topics are well communicated with balanced arguments and detailed research to strengthen any claims. Carlson’s accolades, and breadth of knowledge regarding management, further contributes to this articles credibility.

Outline of Carlson’s Argument (2012)

Overall Argument:

Subordinates attempt to manipulate supervisors through active distortion, destruction, or omission of i...

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