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The literary implications of the hybrids in the Island of Dr.Moreau are used in order to humorously portray humanity, and many of the ways in which we create a very thick distinction between human and non- human animals, although the distinction in reality is quite small. In the novel there are many laws in which the hybrids abide by, because their creator Dr.Moreau implanted them into their brains. There laws include:
“ No to go on all- fours; that is the Law. Are we not men?
Do not suck up drink; that is the Law. Are we not men?
Not to eat flesh or fish; that is the Law. Are we not men?
Not to chase other Men; that is the Law. Are we not men?” (Wells, 61.)
These laws are used in order to symbolize and mock the laws that our creator- society- has placed on humanity. These laws or social norms are set onto society and they teach humans to become things in which they are not. The hybrids on Dr.Moreau’s island were not human- although through these laws that was exactly what they were trying to be- they are only fooling themselves. This is similar to the way that through our laws, were are becoming farther from what we essentially are- animals. In the novel one thing that we see that the beasts find beautiful are fingers. “He is a five-man, a five-man, a five-man…like me” said the Ape Man. (Wells, 62) This is was also a way of mocking the human race- our ways of determining what exactly is beautiful and attractive are out of line and ridiculous, similar to the way this is. The beasts are envious of becoming something they shouldn’t be- humans (or five fingered beings) similarly to the way that many people in our society strive to represent society’s false standards.
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...s Nature.” Humans were created by nature, and so if humans were created by a remorseless being, that is exactly what humans are as well- avaricious, careless and hard-bitten. This would imply that it is by nature that we do such tasks as hurt other beings in order to for our well being and for our sake of grand knowledge. Another thought that is risen by this novel is the thought of perception. When we are brought onto this island, it is so small that barely even anyone knows about it. Now if one thinks about how small each individual is even compared to that island, that is even more of a reason for us not to be known around the world. If something so small as an island can get away with not being known, why sould it matter in the sceme of how vast the world is, what occurs on a tiny island, or what one scientist- such as Dr.Moreau- does with his time and skills?
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